Monthly Round-Up: August 2015

August felt like a slow and quiet month, but looking back, there was some stuff going on!

+1 Creativity (aka HERE!)

Following my review of Dragon Age: Asunder on WWAC (you’ll see that below), I did a breakdown of Cole’s full backstory, from Asunder to Inquisition, to show how each medium puts him in a different light. This also included a theory on the origin of Cole’s strange powers.

Women Write About Comics

As I mentioned above, I did a book review of Dragon Age: Asunder, the tie-in novel between Dragon Age 2 and Dragon Age: Inquisition featuring Cole, Rhys and Evangeline. As part of Productivity Month, I also shared my two methods for task and habit management: Kanbanchi and Habita (formerly HabitRPG). In a mini-feature of webcomics, I brought up Strays by Samantha Whitten and Stacey Pefferkorn, which I’ve been reading since around 2007 and is now reaching its final pages. Lastly, we jumped into another “What We’re Playing”, where I recount the crazy antics of my alien Sims in the new “Get to Work” expansion of The Sims 4.

Not technically August, but WWAC has now launched an IndieGoGo campaign, with the intention of gathering seed funding. This funding will allow increased advertising, the ability to pay both staff and contributing writers (hey, that’s me!) for their contributions, as well as a digital and printed zine! Exciting stuff! If you’re interested in supporting this endeavour, please check out the campaign.

lordwelshi & YouTube

YouTubing has been slow this month for technical reasons, which I’ll get to. In terms of playing, I’ve not actually played anything with him this month! However, if you want to check it out anyway, he has been playing Beyond Eyes and Infinity Runner – very different settings!


Homeworld (aka Real Life)

I’ve alluded to technical issues above – BROADBAND. The last two weeks of August, and these first weeks of September, we have been without broadband. This has led to a bit of slowdown in, well, everything. That big Anook push above was done because I knew the broadband was going out at SOME point, but not exactly when. Basically, we have switched broadband providers and when the new ISP checked the line for connection, they found faults at the exchange. These had to be fixed before they could proceed with our service transfer. Once that was done, they then began the two-week process. Oof! Almost a month!

Luckily, that should be coming to an end soon! Our activation date is imminent, so we should be back up and running. Once our broadband is in and stable, we will also be able to look at fibre broadband finally. What does that mean for you guys? For one, it means more ease of playing games, as well as uploading YouTube videos! A big perk of the fibre plan we’re looking at is a good upload speed, so videos will be much easier/quicker to get online. So fingers crossed!