Holy Flying-Time, Batman


Wow. Wow. Uh, yeah, so that happened. I honestly truly did not mean to leave this derelict for over a year. But to be honest, it might have been good for me to take a small sabbatical.

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Where You At? – An Update

Where are you?

It’s been a while since I last posted, and it was not a positive post. It’s been a while since I did much of anything, to be honest. Continue Reading…

2016 Can Die in a Fire

The last couple months of 2015 were some of the most stressful in my life, even over moving internationally and buying my first house. I can’t disclose exactly why – just know things were…busy. “Busy” is a nice way of putting it. When Christmas break finally rolled around, we took it easy and I thought that 2016 would be different. 2016 would be better.

I started a post for the New Year, ready to recap 2015 and highlight my hopes for 2016. It’s still in my drafts, and will never be finished. 2016 started off abysmally, in terms of world news and entertainment. Riots, deaths from cancer, insane politicians gaining foothold with barbaric policies. It was (is!) a nightmare.

The karmic steamroller continued on, closer to home. The issues that plagued the end of 2015 were still present, but my husband and I stood vigilant, resilient. We would not let this best us now! But it didn’t have to – something else did.

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Monthly Round-Up: August 2015

August felt like a slow and quiet month, but looking back, there was some stuff going on!

+1 Creativity (aka HERE!)

Following my review of Dragon Age: Asunder on WWAC (you’ll see that below), I did a breakdown of Cole’s full backstory, from Asunder to Inquisition, to show how each medium puts him in a different light. This also included a theory on the origin of Cole’s strange powers.

Women Write About Comics

As I mentioned above, I did a book review of Dragon Age: Asunder, the tie-in novel between Dragon Age 2 and Dragon Age: Inquisition featuring Cole, Rhys and Evangeline. As part of Productivity Month, I also shared my two methods for task and habit management: Kanbanchi and Habita (formerly HabitRPG). In a mini-feature of webcomics, I brought up Strays by Samantha Whitten and Stacey Pefferkorn, which I’ve been reading since around 2007 and is now reaching its final pages. Lastly, we jumped into another “What We’re Playing”, where I recount the crazy antics of my alien Sims in the new “Get to Work” expansion of The Sims 4.

Not technically August, but WWAC has now launched an IndieGoGo campaign, with the intention of gathering seed funding. This funding will allow increased advertising, the ability to pay both staff and contributing writers (hey, that’s me!) for their contributions, as well as a digital and printed zine! Exciting stuff! If you’re interested in supporting this endeavour, please check out the campaign.

lordwelshi & YouTube

YouTubing has been slow this month for technical reasons, which I’ll get to. In terms of playing, I’ve not actually played anything with him this month! However, if you want to check it out anyway, he has been playing Beyond Eyes and Infinity Runner – very different settings!


Homeworld (aka Real Life)

I’ve alluded to technical issues above – BROADBAND. The last two weeks of August, and these first weeks of September, we have been without broadband. This has led to a bit of slowdown in, well, everything. That big Anook push above was done because I knew the broadband was going out at SOME point, but not exactly when. Basically, we have switched broadband providers and when the new ISP checked the line for connection, they found faults at the exchange. These had to be fixed before they could proceed with our service transfer. Once that was done, they then began the two-week process. Oof! Almost a month!

Luckily, that should be coming to an end soon! Our activation date is imminent, so we should be back up and running. Once our broadband is in and stable, we will also be able to look at fibre broadband finally. What does that mean for you guys? For one, it means more ease of playing games, as well as uploading YouTube videos! A big perk of the fibre plan we’re looking at is a good upload speed, so videos will be much easier/quicker to get online. So fingers crossed!

Monthly Round-Up: July 2015

This little corner of the internet has been kinda quiet this month, but elsewhere –

Women Write About Comics

With the announcement of the FFVII Remake at E3 this year, we all reminisce about the original. I ventured forth into the depths of space, where no one can hear you bone, with Starfighter: Eclipse by Date Nighto (based on the 18+ webcomic – NSFW). I also took a look at why film/TV adaptations of manga are more successful and well-received compared to their Western counterparts. Lastly, we talk about our experiences with partners and their feelings towards our feminist opinions.

lordwelshi & YouTube

In the land of YouTube, Danny Sexbang of Ninja Sex Party accidentally ruined my birthday present, and Welshi is not pleased. We also dove back into the world of Elder Scrolls Online, following from our mini-excursion in the Beta days.


Not much on Anook this month – at all, actually! In the homeworld, we’ve had some routine-changes because…

Homeworld (aka Real Life)

…Welshi got a new job! He’s finally left retail and now has an office job at my company. Now that he has weekends off and better hours, we’re playing a bit of catch-up on things like HAVING A LIFE. Because of this, we’ve done a lot more game-playing and recording, which means I’ve done less artwork for Anook and writing for WWAC. We’re still adjusting to this newfound thing called “spare time together”, so it might take us a little while to get into a normal, balanced rhythym. So please bear with me!

Monthly Round-Up: June 2015

Since I’m doing so much stuff elsewhere, I thought it’d be good to do a monthly round-up of what’s happening elsewhere on the net for me, as well as any highlights or news bulletins.


Women Write About Comics

This month, I ventured into the red-light district of webcomics with others to give our quick suggestions for NSFW webcomics. E3 happened this month and everyone lost their minds when we saw cherry blossoms float across the screen. Shenmue III is upon us, like a gift basket from the heavens! Lastly, we talked about our game shames: series we’ve never played, games we don’t like that everyone else does, and things we really want to give a try.

lordwelshi & YouTube

lordwelshi‘s PC has FINALLY been fixed (we think/hope, fingers crossed!). Now that it’s back, we’re doing some quick runs through a few games to put it through it’s paces and make sure we don’t still have a disaster on our hands. Those videos will be coming up later this week or starting in July.


I mentioned Anook in my previous post, a social network site for gaming. What I didn’t mention is that I volunteer as a designer there, doing some of the artwork for the various game nooks once they go up. I’ll be announcing them on Twitter as well, but I thought a little collection of the games added this month would be helpful here, too! A lot was added this month thanks to E3. Not all of them are up yet, but they will be with time!

+1 Creativity (aka HERE!)

I’m finally getting used to it just being little old me on this tiny corner of the internet, to spreading myself across a few different sites/platforms. Now that I’m getting the hang of it, I’m working on more balance so that I’m not monopolised between any of them. What does this mean? I’m trying to make sure I have content for HERE, that’s what I’m saying. I’m working on a few pieces that will be for here, as opposed to on WWAC or on YT Let’s Plays. So look out for that in the future!

Quick Update

Hi everyone! I know the blog has been a little sparse. I have been busy though, I swear!

Some of you may recall that I did a guest post on Women Write About Comics back in February about otome games on the mobile. Since then, I’ve contributed to a few roundtables as well as an additional article about Skyrim’s attempt at monetised mods. There is a lot of crossover between my blog and my contributions to WWAC, so sometimes, my blog posts end up there rather than here. I suppose that means I just need to start upping my output so I have enough for both, huh?

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What is Your Malfunction? – An Update

As I said in my previous post, my husband lordwelshi got a new gaming PC. It worked well for a few days before introducing us to the Red Screen of Death. It’s since had the graphics card replaced, but we’ve not had a lot of time to test it with the holiday weekend. As such, we’ve not played any co-op games in earnest for fear that the PC will just crash midway, which has happened a few times now.
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We Get System!

Just as a head’s up, my husband lordwelshi has just gotten a new gaming PC. So this will mean one of two things: 1) I play more games, so I can bring you more updates, 2) I play more games, and don’t have as much time… Uhh, let’s hope it’s not the latter, okay?

With that, I’m sure there will be more videos popping up on his channel featuring us running around and partaking in shenanigans.

In the meantime, enjoy this lovely nostalgia-fuelled picture of mine and his characters in Dragon Ball XenoVerse.
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Achievement: New Theme Unlocked!

If you’re seeing this then, hurray! The updating is done! Well, the major part of it is. The new theme and layout is up, with a bit of custom CSS goodness. I’m quite proud of the changes I managed, though I know they’re not major ones.

If anyone notices something not working correctly, please let me know!