Holy Flying-Time, Batman

Wow. Wow. Uh, yeah, so that happened. I honestly truly did not mean to leave this derelict for over a year. But to be honest, it might have been good for me to take a small sabbatical.

A lot of small things can really add up to turning things around. Since June of last year, a lot of things have happened.

  1. We got a dog in the new year. Her name is Yuri – she is a Border Collie crossed with a Pembroke Corgi. Yes, that is a weird combo – but we love her anyway, even when she’s being a complete butt. She turns one on December 2nd.
  2. I’m eating healthier. It’s not so much about weight as it is about not eating garbage.
  3. I’ve joined a gym, starting next month. Now I need to motivate myself to actually go…
  4. I bought an iPad (Pro 9.7″) and Apple Pencil. It’s been slow going, but I’m doing a bit of art again.
  5. Welshi and I have gotten more into tabletop games. We spend a few hours in the tabletop library at EGX this year.
  6. We did go to EGX this year as well, but only for the two days. Next year, we’re planning to go for the full four days again. We got to play & buy board games, saw a few talks (including Andy Serkis!), and meet the Outside Xbox & Outside Xtra crew.

The biggest change boost to all of the above happening, however, was that I finally realised what I should have a long time ago – I needed more help. As such, I’m now on medication for my anxiety and depression. The effect for me as been night and day. I’m kicking myself that I allowed myself to get to this point, but I am so grateful to feel like myself again. I still have off days, but I am much better at recognising when that feeling is coupled with a legitimate reason or just a low day.

The remainder of this year will be slow, as we have family visits and the holidays coming up. There is some prep going on for some new ventures starting in 2018, but I’ll talk about that more later.

I am pumped!