I read a lot of webcomics. Too many, some might say. To them, I say “shush”.

Amya Children of the Night Earthsong
Erstwhile Fey Winds Gunnerkrigg Court
Namesake Prince of Cats Red String
Riven Seal (formerly Ianua) Saint for Rent Solstoria
Spindrift Strays Universe of Jewels
The Way to Your Heart Wilde Life banner_placeholder

6 Gun Mage
Agents of the Realm
Alice and the Nightmare
Ava's Demon
Let's Speak English
The Lonely Vincent Bellingham
Stand Still. Stay Silent
Trying Human

Borderline NSFW:
(Sex/nudity may occur or be a prominent theme, but is not explicitly depicted)
Love Not Found (Borderline NSFW) Menage a 3 (Borderline NSFW) banner_placeholder

Sandra on the Rocks
Shades of A
Sticky Dilly Buns

Not Safe for Work:
(Explicit sex and/or nudity – like, the whole shebang)
Boned (NSFW, Yaoi) Devoto (NSFW, Yaoi) Ephemeral (NSFW, Yaoi) 
Oglaf (NSFW, Het, Yaoi, Yuri) Oh Joy Sex Toy (NSFW, All of the things!) Purpurea Noxa (NSFW, Yaoi)
Spacejinx (NSFW, Yaoi) Starfighter (NSFW, Yaoi) Teahouse (NSFW, Yaoi)

Chester 5000 XYV
The Cummoner
Khaos Komix
The Rock Cocks
You Suck

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