Between Two Worlds: The Sad Story of Cole (Dragon Age) [Spoilers!]


Normally, anything spoilerific, I would put in big old spoiler boxes and give everyone fair warning in each instance. But there are just too many spoilers here, so the whole piece is one big SPOILER WARNING, for both the book Dragon Age: Asunder and the game Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Consider yourself warned!

I swear, one day I’ll stop talking about Cole. That day is not today! Cole from Dragon Age: Inquisition went from being a character I knew nothing about to one that I wanted to adopt as my son. His story is tragic, and his desire to understand the world and help people within it is endearing. His lack of social aptitude is childlike and I just want to shelter him from the whole world. I quickly became endeared to him throughout my first playthrough, which led me to the tie-in novel centred around his backstory.

There are two parts to understanding Cole – the part the book shows and the part the game shows. I’ll show you why this is important by highlighting certain parts. Parts in Blue are revealed only in the book and parts in Green are revealed only in the game.

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