Guest Posts

Sometimes, I write things. And some of those times, other people on other sites like when I do that. So I will write things for them to put on their sites.

Here is a collection of my guest posts on other websites/blogs.

DateWebsite / BlogArticle PostContribution
DateWebsite / BlogArticle PostContribution
05 Jun 2017Women Write About ComicsMass Effect: Andromeda – Seeing Myself in Another GalaxyWriter
11 Nov 2016Women Write About ComicsBatman: Arkham VR – Storytelling Gamers DeserveWriter
13 Jul 2016Women Write About ComicsDesigned We Stand: How Basic Design Procedures Could Have Spared Marvel EmbarrassmentWriter
05 Jun 2016Women Write About ComicsWhat We’re Playing: Gardens, Interior Design, and MoreRoundtable
20 Apr 2016Women Write About ComicsApril Sex Month Roundtable: Let’s Talk Sex Toys!Roundtable
12 Apr 2016Women Write About ComicsWhy I Love Erotic Fanfic and What I Learned From ItRoundtable
05 Apr 2016Women Write About ComicsPorn vs. Erotica: What Gets Me OffRoundtable
14 Dec 2015Women Write About ComicsWWAC Talks Self-Care and the HolidaysContributor
03 Nov 2015Women Write About ComicsFitbay’s “Size Finder”: Finding a Frock in a HaystackWriter
24 Oct 2015Women Write About ComicsDead But Not Forgotten: Our Favourite Moments of Death in Video GamesContributor
15 Oct 2015Women Write About ComicsFlaming Gingers: Deadliest Video Game RedheadsContributor
05 Oct 2015Women Write About ComicsWhat We’re Playing: OctoberContributor
05 Oct 2015Women Write About ComicsA Splat a Day for #Inktober2015Writer
08 Sept 2015Women Write About ComicsNice Sex Comics: No Tears, No Chafing, No Pushing ItContributor
10 Aug 2015Women Write About ComicsWhat We’re Playing: Next InstallmentsContributor
05 Aug 2015Women Write About ComicsWebcomics to Binge On: German Bees, Fresh Starts, and Dangerous HardwareContributor
03 Aug 2015Women Write About ComicsKanban Warrior – My Productive Life in Kanbanchi & HabitRPGWriter
02 Aug 2015Women Write About ComicsDungeons, Demons, and Dull Dalliances in Dragon Age: AsunderWriter
30 Jul 2015Women Write About ComicsFeminists in LoveRoundtable
27 Jul 2015Women Write About ComicsManga to Movies: Why Eastern Comic Film Adaptations Thrive and Western Don’tWriter
22 Jul 2015Women Write About ComicsChoose Your Own Space-Shag – Boy Love in Starfighter: EclipseWriter
17 Jul 2015Women Write About ComicsGlove, Bracelet, Bikini, Halberd: Exit the Witchblade, For Good?Roundtable
13 Jul 2015Women Write About ComicsScreen Daze: Kids’ Webcomics to Binge OnContributor
09 Jul 2015Women Write About ComicsFinal Fantasy VII: Revisiting the Golden SauceRoundtable
29 Jun 2015Women Write About ComicsFail Better: Cosplay Virgin – Neuroticism May Cause Cosplay AbstinenceWriter
25 Jun 2015Women Write About ComicsGame Shames Roundtable: “All Games Are Too Hard to Finish!”Roundtable
23 Jun 2015Women Write About ComicsThe Search for Sailors Continues: Pipe Dream for Shenmue III Becomes RealityWriter
09 Jun 2015Women Write About ComicsScreen Daze: NSFW Webcomics to Binge OnContributor
25 May 2015Women Write About ComicsWWAC Crafters: Happy Felt: Making Needle Felted Penguins with Crafty CreativesWriter
21 May 2015Women Write About ComicsHunie Poppin’ Ladies: This Dating Sim Should Be Offensive, and Why I Love It So MuchWriter
04 May 2015Women Write About ComicsMod Monetisation in Mundus: Steam Workshop Facilitates Paid ModsWriter
01 May 2015Women Write About ComicsHoly Neon Pits, Batgirl! WWAC Talks Body HairRoundtable
22 Apr 2015Women Write About ComicsWhat We’re Playing: AprilContributor
19 Apr 2015Women Write About ComicsSunday Art Gala: Work, Play, Lift! More Stealth CosplayContributor
04 Apr 2015Women Write About ComicsTeenage Eternity: Buffy the Vampire Slayer Turns 18Roundtable
13 Mar 2015Women Write About ComicsWonder Woman’s New Outfit: Crotch Flap and ConfusionRoundtable
12 Mar 2015Women Write About ComicsWhat We’re Playing in MarchContributor
09 Feb 2015Women Write About ComicsFifty Shades of Otome: A Mobile Market of Devotion or Defilement?Writer
09 Feb 2015Women Write About ComicsOn Make-up and Femininity: WWAC Talks Make-upRoundtable

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