A little about myself: I go by Rinzei most places. I’m presently 29 and living in the United Kingdom. It wasn’t always so – it was little over four years ago that I got married and moved from Michigan, USA. It’s been a big adjustment, and it’s still going on really, but it’s an exciting experience.

My main hobbies have always been my passion – writing fiction, drawing characters and playing video games. While I was at university, I put all of these on the back-burner in order to maintain my GPA. When I finally came out the other side, I found it was difficult to get myself back into these things. This would not do at all. Since then, I have been attempting to rekindled my old flames, as it were, and get back to doing the things I loved most. This blog is another stepping stone towards that goal.

My posts will mostly comprise of reviews/rants/whinges/raves on games, with the occasional thoughts/feelings on writing. And maybe we’ll sprinkle in a little of what I call “trivialities and sundries” – random little tidbits that might be interesting, but still technically a tangent for our needs here.

Blog Name

As for the title “+1 Creativity”, I think it’s a good sum-up of my hopes related to the subject matter you’ll find on my blog. I’m eager to get back into my artistic endeavours as well as back in to my gaming, and what a coincidence that Creativity was a skill in the Sims 2 (and 3, but split up). So it just sort of…fits.

Wait, who the heck is “Cathryn Sinjin-Starr” then?

If you’ve come here from other blogs I write on, such as Women Write About Comics, then you might have come here from the writings of Cathryn Sinjin-Starr. Do not fret, for it is I! For my more serious, critical and/or “professional” blogging (can you call me professional? No, I doubt it), I use the pen name Cathryn Sinjin-Starr. The name has “Ryn/Rin” in it, which links a little to my username, but the meaning behind various parts of it are also personal to me. Another reason for this is that my real name is nigh un-Googleable. It’s very common, very unisex and very interchangeable, which means I’m not easy to find amongst the others (which include two other writers). So, yeah. If you see “Cathryn” around, that’s little old me.